Split With AMULETS


Whited Sepulchre Records have released a split cassette between Drowse and Portland-based audiovisual tape loop artist AMULETS. This release is largely composed from guts and scraps of the album Light Mirror. “Wind Through the Door” and “Hidden Close” were the two initial pieces recorded for that album, while “A Song I Made In 2001 With My Friend Who is Now Dead (Director’s Cut)” is the original version of the Light Mirror song of the same name. “Your Breath is Wind” is a newer experiment that extends the “air” theme present in all of these songs. Heavy use of a field recorder is another thread–listen intently to unravel more.


From WSR:

“The two Portland experimental artists paired together on a split feels like a natural extension of a sonic space the two have been circling for years.

Most known for his experimentation in crafting lovingly warped tape loops and ambient guitar work that rings out with an emotional clarity even when it is processed beyond recognition, Randall Taylor brings some of his most abstract work to the table with a track like “ASTRAL” and hits squarely in the chest with the heartbreaking “DISMANTLED”.

AMULETS is joined by drowse – Kyle Bates long running experimental project. drowse’s songs are known for stitching together deconstructed ambient passages that glow with a pale gray light with heavy subject matter that delve into unflinching personal accounts of mental health and loss.

We are honored to bring these two artists together to share a split cassette together.

Art & Layout by Dustin Bowen”

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