“Second Self” Mini-LP

Second Self Cover.png

Following the release of two Flenser labelmates’ albums earlier this year, Kyle Bates from Drowse has teamed up with Lane Shi from Elizabeth Colour Wheel on a new mini-LP titled Second Self.  Side A of this 4-song release is a collaborative effort between Bates & Shi; the songs were composed by Bates in the first half of 2019. The tracks were then sent to Shi, who based her lyrics and vocal melodies around a dream that the music drew her back to.  About this dream, Shi says:
“The frustration of communication is a beast, sometimes you slay the beast, other times the beast slays you, in between the communication and frustration it is the footsteps of the clicking clock, otherwise silence. If there’s a space land I can go to, it would be the trace to find the coffin of this beast, lay down right next to it, and wait for no one to come find me.” The end result is the full Side A of Second Self.
Second Self Side B features two tracks written and recorded by Bates during his artist residency in Itoshima, Japan, in December 2018 and at home in Portland, OR in early 2019.  The title track, “Second Self,” was originally composed as the audio component to the artist’s installation of the same name. “Weak, Sleeping,” closes out the mini-LP with Bates’ weighty and worrisome lyrics.
Second Self will be available digitally everywhere on September 20th.  The vinyl version will be released exclusively as part of the The Flenser Membership Series at a later date. This Membership Series is a curated selection of new Flenser releases; members receive seven LPs and two 7 inches and all are special editions unique to members only, either special vinyl colors or supplemental artwork that isn’t available to anyone else. Second Self will not be sold on vinyl outside of the the Series One Membership.  More information on The Flenser’s membership series can be found here.
Drowse released its pivotal third full-length Light Mirror last June on The Flenser, and supported the release with a West Coast / Pacific Northwest tour with Elizabeth Colour Wheel.  The latter released their debut full-length Nocebo last March, also on The Flenser.
More news from Drowse + Elizabeth Colour Wheel in the coming months.
Drowse, Second Self Track Listing:
2. Open, Alone (Drowse & Lane Shi Otayonii)
3. Second Self
4. Weak, Sleeping

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